What’s the difference
between Healthy Sex
and Addictive Sex?

Sex addiction is different from other dependencies. Recovery is not about denying sexuality but instead seeking maturity. ...read more about Healthy Sexuality

Porn Addiction help: Doesn’t Everyone Look at a Little Porn?

Porn Addiction Therapy:
Doesn’t Everyone Look
at a Little Porn?

Porn addiction today is one of the most common forms of sexual acting out behaviors...read more about Pornography addiction

A Story for Partners
of a Sex addict

“I kept saying, “What’s wrong with you? You don’t seem to care about us anymore.” And he said I make too big a deal out of things. He’s under a lot of stress, working a lot of hours....read more about the Partner of A Sexual Addict

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Client Reviews

"… he led me step by step through the process of learning about my addiction, the patterns, and the steps to recovery. Jeff taught me to deal with stress and to communicate in a healthy way. Jeff helped me save my marriage, keep my job, and regain a positive outlook on life and of myself.

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